What are Semester Long Projects?

Semester Long Projects or SLoP is an initiative by Developer Student Club, DA-IICT, open for students of any university in India who are new to open source software development to get started with open source contributions.

It’s modeled to be similar but smaller Google Summer of Code (GSoC), which is a global program that​ matches students up with​ open​ source,​ free software​ and​ technology-related​​ organizations​ to​ write​ code​ and​ get​ paid for the same.

SLoP is aimed at introducing new students in the area and help them gain confidence.It doesn't matter if you are new to open source contributions, There is a lot you can learn.

F. A. Q.

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Yes, The event is open to all college students.

You can learn along the way but it is recommended you choose some project which aligns with your interest.

You should have a working PC, internet connection and have a Github Profile.

Git and Github is a must.

The whole idea of the event is to get you started with open source contribution and make you comfortable with it.

We expect you contribute a few hours every week towards the project at a minimum.

No, You can contribute by writing documentation, inserting helpful comments and even fixing typos too!

Each issue will be assigned points and when you solve the issue, the points will be added to your total score which can be tracked on the leaderboard.

Here they are:

  •     Android Development
  •     Machine Learning
  •     Web Development
  •     Game Development

Have any more Questions?
Reach out to us at any time